Stain treatments

We al like our pets and love our kids and relatives, but sometimes they may cause some stains. When the pet stains are not handled quickly, you end up having some unpleasant upholstery or carpet odor and smell that is very hard to remove. We at Carpet Cleaning Baulkham Hills are stain treatment professionals to ensure that your furniture upholstery and carpets among other stains are not spared at all.
Our technicians have a vast knowledge in stain treatment, and work well with our stain treatment products to permanently eliminate all stains and odors, if at all you don’t have a continuing staining from a pet or another source. Contact us immediately to get rid of those resistant stains now!
Pre-spray and enzyme
We apply the stain and odor treatment as a pre-spray before the cleaning starts, and later we apply an enzyme immediately after the cleaning process. Our pet stain enzyme is a product that ensures that feces and urine stains are removed from your carpet, area rug or upholstery through bacteria digestion. This too is safe to both the kids and the pets.
An investment that is worthwhile
When advising our client about our stain treatment services, we insist that pet odor, stain and smell removal is an investment that is worthwhile. Indeed, you can save your money, especially where the only alternative you had was an entire carpet replacement. In some cases, we have seen people complaining that even the complete carpet replacement did not eliminate the odors that were left untreated for quite long.
Severe Stains Require Special Attention
In several occasions, you have encountered some strong odors and tough stains and had no idea of how to remove them. These stains and odors need more than a mere carpet cleaning routine to get your house smelling and looking fresh. Such strong odors as pet mysteries and messes that may be dragged on shoes, wine and oil stains call for professional treatment. We are trustworthy people specialized in this field.
Latest solutions and techniques
Trust Carpet Cleaning Baulkham Hills to treat all your problems with our stain and odor treatment. We use the latest solutions and techniques and have a high success rate of dirt and stain removal. Our experienced team of technicians uses healthy green products and proven techniques in the removal of the tough stains and lingering odors. They also use the thorough extraction and deep saturation method that effectively neutralizes all odors and sucks all the set in stains.
Will enjoy your stay
At Carpet Cleaning Baulkham Hills, we ensure that we use non-toxic and green cleaning products in stain treatment. The products have natural substances that leave your house safe and clean. You will enjoy your stay when we complete your stain removal treatment.